Looking for the best Ekster wallets? In a world that is witnessing swift advancements in tech and sustainable living, almost nothing is exempt from upgrades and modernization. Smart cars, smartphones, and even smart cooking pots. The modern world is dotted with technologies that save time and help in making our lives much easier. Allowing us to concentrate on what actually matters. While we’ve embraced technology in almost every part of our life, we still know not everything can be digital just yet.

One such thing is a wallet that we all have to carry with our bare essentials. The Ekster wallets were very simple just a few years back. You could’ve either opted for a trifold, bifold, or maybe a clutch. Real or faux-leather, fewer pockets, ore pockets, these were the only things to consider. However, a Dutch company, Ekster, is working on the challenge to not only improve but also rethink wallets. 

Surfacing after a hefty $1,000,000 funding on their Kickstarter campaign, Ekster was formed to realize the dream of two Dutch college students. Rick Scharnigg and Oliver Momma wanted to take a wallet and make it into something more. The company is now making one-of-its-kind smart wallets. With revolutionary technologies like solar trackers and RFID and NFC Blocking cardholders for safe use. Ekster wallets are reliable, regal, and functional with a special focus on sustainability, safety, and portability. The company’s innovative approach has made a hefty impact and its Instagram profile already boasts 140,000+ followers. Esker products are now not just on their page but have also reached some renowned retail giants in the US like Macy’s. 

Best Ekster Wallets: EKSTER PARLIAMENT

You got a smartwatch and smartphone already and want to upgrade your high-tech accessory arsenal with a wallet? Then Ekster’s Parliament is undoubtedly one of the finest options with its discrete profile and tons of cool features inside. The Parliament wallet is an elegant, slim, swift, and smart storage sidekick for day-to-day life. 

Parliament has a bi-fold design made out of Polyvinyl Butyral from reclaimed car windshields and not animal skin. For those who don’t know, PVB is a laminate in your car’s windshield. It prevents it from shattering and becoming a bunch of flying shards in a crash. Ekster’s team designed a way to reclaim and recycle this usually discarded material which is actually great for the environment. Moreover, Ekster says that its wallets are biodegradable (hopefully not before we are finished using them).

All the eco-stuff is coupled with an aluminum card case.

That may not sound romantic. But it looks pretty good and works as good as animal leather and even develops a patina as it ages. Overall, the wallet seems like a good, smart, speedy, slim storage sidekick for your everyday life. The wallet offers loads of functionality and is designed keeping your high-paced day’s needs in mind.

Parliament’s built-in aluminum card-holder stores more than 10 cards in its main slot. Allowing you to access them in a flash. With a single push of the button, the holder pushes out all your plastic cards upwards. In a staggered configuration that allows the user to choose and remove the needed card. Without having to pull them all out and fan through them. Meanwhile, the cash stays in a designated strap. 

To one’s surprise, the card trigger button that pops out the cards isn’t spring-loaded. Instead, it works more like a leaver so you need not worry about shooting out cards across the street. On a side note, the Parliament could be a good fidget device, if you’d enjoy that therapy.

The wallet’s RFID protection features offer strong protection against skimming.

A small tracker card inside allows you to locate the wallet in case of loss or theft. Despite all the high-tech inside, the neatly stitched premium leather exterior gives a clean look of a luxury product. While the slim profile suites all. The wallet is lightweight enough to be kept even in the front pocket. Yet can reduce the clutter from your pockets. The tiny size of the Parliament however leaves you no choice but to pare down your cards. As it won’t fight all your green tea stamp cards along with business, debit, credit, and gift cards. 

The Parliament’s appearance seems almost as good as leather wallets and it develops a bit of a patina with use.


  • Quick-release card access
  • RFID and NFC blocking technology
  • Eco-Friendly Leather Material
  • Optional Tracker Option Available
  • Hand-crafted with premium Dutch/German top-grain leathers by Dutch designers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Not satisfied? Simply return it for a full money-back guarantee within 30 days.
  • Leather lining
  • Slim Profile closure


  • Dimensions: 4.1×2.5×0.4 Inches
  • Strap: Cash storage, multi-use
  • Storage: Space for up to 12 cards
  • Leather: ECCO Premium American Leather
  • Sustainability: DriTan Tech, LWG Gold-Rated Tannery


Apple’s Air Tag swiftly became undeniably the most popular means of tracking personal belongings. Synced well with every IOS device, the AirTag employs the Find My app. Famed for its accuracy the system has a user-friendly interface and takes seconds to track down a lost item. First introduced in the year 2021, the popularity of the tiny device is already touching peaks. While the forthcoming iOS 15 will allow users to get alerts if they leave their AirTag behind. Convenient when leaving a restaurant, office, or house.

Considering all these useful features, if any object in our life deserves an AirTag tracker, it’s a wallet.

When we pull out a stuffed premium leather wallet on the cash counter like a distinguished gent, “the man’s got a style” is the first thing popping up in a bystander’s mind. But sadly, a wallet is among the easiest to lose accessories. And with all our IDs, cards, and bills stored in it, the loss creates a perfect disaster. 

But no one knows why. AirTags have a really unique shape which makes them awfully hard to securely store and carry them. That’s in contrast to other tracking gadgets. Like Chipolo, Ekster’s Tracking Card, or the Tile Card which are designed keeping a wallet in mind. The other devices are all shaped like a usual credit card. They can easily be stored in a traditional card slot in the wallet. We don’t get that privilege with AirTags as thanks to their circular bean-like shape. They can’t be kept in a wallet without forming an ugly bulge in the shape. Considering the scenario, it was only logical then for people to hunt for a secure and easy way to store AirTags. This is where the need for a dedicated Apple AirTag wallet arose.

As no one was willing to hold their breath for Apple to release a fully-functional wallet with an AirTag circuitry woven within. Especially since the company is on a dedicated mission to phase out wallets in favor of Apple Pay and Smart Keys. Leading smart wallet manufacturers like Ekster decided to introduce a solution – Ekster AirTag Wallet.

Source: iMore

A first cousin of Ekster Parliament in appearance, the Ekster AirTag.

It took most features of the Parliament like a minimalist design. Fast access features, slim storage, and glossy leather coupled with a little blob for storing the AirTag. The little pocket provides ample protection for the oddly shaped tracking device. The open-faced design of the holder allows the iconic Apple logo to be visible. And also aids in strong signal strength and high sound transmission. The pocket allows easy access and shields the tracker from scratches. 

Reducing the bulk is in Ekster’s DNA so the company’s AirTag Wallet is also one of the slimmest to date. Yet has more space than ever. The built-in aluminum card-holder lets you seamlessly carry up to 12 cards and protects against skimming. The additional strap on the other hand provides ample space for a few bills. At a fraction of the size of a usual wallet. The tiny wallet is ideal for a front pocket wallet and serves as an attractive accessory. Thanks to its premium leather material and quality stitching giving it a sleek look.

Though Ekster’s Parliament has been its best-selling product but the edge Air-Tag is AirTag’s ten times higher tracking accuracy. Which means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your wallet at a coffee shop. In a nutshell, no-frills, but space for all things important.


  • Wallet Features
  • Quick card access mechanism
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Environmentally certified leather
  • Custom pocket for the Apple AirTag


  • Apple Find My App
  • iOS 11 and above.
  • Ring feature
  • Worldwide Tracking
  • Distance Alerts when out of range
  • Compatible with Siri
  • Ring your wallet or phone
  • IP67 dust and water-resistant
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery

Best Ekster Wallets: EKSTER SENATE

The Ekster Senate Wallet is somewhat a unique oddity in the world of men’s wallets. Featuring a minimalist design on either side and no apparent pockets to stuff your debit or credit cards. The wallet at first sight doesn’t really even look like a wallet. In other words, Ekster with its Senate wallet has done a brilliant work of re-thinking and re-shaping our views of a men’s wallet. And what we carried in our pockets every day. 

The aspect that appeals most on unboxing the Ekster Senate is the superior build quality and luxurious look. Ekster did a brilliant job of building a brand that ebbs premium quality with an appealing color range. The wallet is available in cognac, black, blue, and brown. Another distinctive feature that immediately draws a user’s attention is Senate’s rectangular shape that is taller than its width. The wallet is also unbelievably thin at just 0.85cm wide which strongly lends the Senate a smart look.

The feature that distinguishes the Senate from other similar products from Ekster is the addition of a removable cash strap. The strap serves a useful function. Since it streamlines this wallet and provides a practical way to store currency bills. Without adding extra bulk. This removable strap also features a single debit/credit card pocket at the front side. You can use this for storing visiting cards.

The card slider mechanism in the Senate Wallet works like charm.

The cards softly slide inside the wallet and pop out smoothly at a push of the button. With ample visible area to choose and take out. The best part is that no matter how many times or how swiftly you use this feature, it never fails in the Senate Wallet. Unlike older products from Ekster that took some time to get smooth. The improvement in functionality is substantial. You’ll simply love pushing the button with even the weakest finger in odd positions. See the mechanism working just the way your smartphone’s side buttons work. The feature eliminates the tedious procedure of handling the cards in a traditional wallet.

The Cardholder can hold 5 cards quite conveniently, but 4 is the ideal number. Adding more hinders the functionality of the sliding system. Nevertheless, you can place as many as two additional cards in the strap if you need to carry some extra weight. However, in all honesty, this is more space than a usual user would really need – a credit card, a driving license, an ID card, and a backup card – that’s really it. However, for some, this isn’t going to be adequate space so be wary of this. 

Source: Review Geek

Use the removable strap to store cash.

The currency bills must be folded a couple of times for an easy fit. That is a compulsory evil of all ultra-slim wallets and adds an irritating hindrance when it comes to quickly storing and accessing cash.

Another rather unpleasant thing a user would come across is the absence of a coins pocket. But then one has to realize that the Senate is just not designed for such use and is marketed first and foremost as a cards wallet so it shouldn’t be hard to forgive it for what it lacks in the cash department. 

Talking about the quality, Ekster touched the heights of craftsmanship with Senate.

The fine exterior premium grain leather and tan follow environmental protocols. Which is an attractive aspect for those concerned about the environment. The texture of the leather used feels great and comfortable in hands with the wallet’s rounded edges helping it fit into your palm effortlessly. The quality of stitching is quite fine. And the wallet overall gives a very robust and hardy feeling giving an impression that the wallet is long lasting.

Most users love the modularity factor of the Senate Wallet – simple to use additional features that smoothly slide into their place effortlessly. And with all its components combined, it still maintains its smart shape. It lends a unique personality when you include the stretch elastic cash strap boasting an Ekster logo on it that stays in place securely. The wallet is available in Roma Cognac, Nappa Black, Steel Blue, and Classic Brown finish. These finishes possess a unique air of sophistication and age gracefully.

Overall, the Ekster Senate is a beautiful adaptation of your traditional wallet, eliminating many of the small issues that one faced with a traditional wallet. The texture of leather and the dyes uphold the luxury status of the Senate. While its limited space intently means that we simply carry just what is actually needed. 


  • Quick card access mechanism
  • RFID protection for up to 6 cards
  • Environmentally certified leather production
  • Trackable thanks to an optional solar wallet tracker card


  • Dimensions: 4.1×2.3×0.3 Inches
  • Strap: Cash holder, multipurpose
  • Patented: Patented cardholder system easily stores 5+ cards
  • Storage: Removable elastic pocket strap provides room for extra stacks of cards.
  • Material: Premium leather from ECCO
  • Eco Friendly: DriTan technology and LWG gold-rated tannery


An aluminum wallet made from space-grade aluminum? Just a few years back one would’ve thought what on earth are you talking about, however, with the swift pace of technological growth, such wallets are becoming a staple in the world of accessories thanks to their practicality, durability, and security features.

Ekster, one of the leading brands in the category of smart wallets offers its own design that has gained massive popularity. Simply put, the Aluminum Cardholder is pretty much the same thing as the Ekster’s Parliament Leather Wallet, but sans any integrated premium leather bifold. At first sight, the size of this aluminum version is much more appealing than the versions made in leather. The wallet measures only 0.29×2.3×4.1 inches and strikingly weighs only 87 grams. One could safely say that it is one of the most compact wallets available in the market, especially considering that it won’t increase in size from folding out (The bulk would however swell based on the number of cards you store in its back-plate). To make the wallet even more compact, remove the back-plate and the strap from the main wallet body. Which will only have a slight impact on the capacity.

An interesting bit is the way this wallet is made in comparison to others in the market.

Ekster Aluminum Cardholder’s main body is built from one piece space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum CNC’d with the mechanical card access assembly fitted at the bottom. The assembly carries the trigger mechanism and the raiser that pops out the cards when you push the button. Products from other brands in this category usually employ two aluminum pieces screwed in on a solid plastic or metal frame. The push-button or the trigger at the lower portion that fans out the cards is made out of plastic however one can not tell what material the inner workings are made up of. 

The Cardholder also features an aluminum back-plate that stands as an independent component of the aluminum box-type cardholder. This back-plate is kept in place with a strong elastic strap with an aluminum clip which lets you insert as many as eight extra cards in addition to the cards stored in the cardholder.

Source: Review Geek

On top of storing the extra credit or debit cards, the back-plate can block RFID signals.

This is to provide protection against card skimmers that steal personal information for fraudulent financial transactions. That’s a feature to love as the peace of mind it offers especially while trotting through crowded areas is priceless. The stretchy strong band that keeps the RFID back-late in place circles the whole Cardholder, creating some space on the flip side for holding a few currency bills.

To sum it up, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder can store around six credit cards in the inner box, as many as eight extra cards under behind the back plate, and a few currency bills beneath the stretchy band on the flip side, all without losing its thin and minimalist appeal.

There is an exception for embossed cards though as they will naturally reduce the storage capacity of the aluminum box portion as the raised numbers and letters on these cards make them thicker. So the trick here is to store the embossed thicker cards in the back-plate to leave ample space for the flat thinner cards inside the box.

As with almost all its wallets, Ekster offers its Tracker Card with the Aluminum Cardholder as an add-on.

It is the same plastic body device no bigger in size than one credit card yet carries the thickness of two. The card is powered by Chipolo Tech and syncs well with Android 5, iOS 11, and above. For techies, it would serve to mention that the card actually employs Bluetooth 4.0, and is an element of the famous brand Chipolo’s Worldwide Lost and Found Platform. In contrast to other tracking devices, the Tracker Card is designed keeping wallets in mind and can be placed both within the Cardholder or on the exterior back-plate and takes the space of only two regular credit cards. 

The Ekster Aluminum Wallet is available in 10 different colors and has a soothing texture and finish that offers a strong grip and gives it a sleek and flawless appearance. The wallet is also really light to hold and fits easily in the hand of even a shorty like me.

Another aspect that screams, at first sight, is the durable appearance.

The space-grade aluminum would definitely last much longer than a regular leather wallet and won’t lose its shape either. For those who are not a part of the throw-away culture and love to keep their belonging with them for long, then this wallet is well worth purchasing. Even if dropped on a hard surface like cement or concrete floor, the wallet won’t even get a dent, let alone break, and would require some really sharp stabbing to get scratched. This also means that all your sensitive cards stored either in the inner box or on the back-plate are going to be safe.

The sole concern would be someone like me ending up scratching their smartphone if stored in the same pocket as the wallet. However that issue has easy remedies and besides, I haven’t heard of anyone other than me who carries expensive gadgets like that. 

Overall, using the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is a pleasant experience and the people around you also enjoy the refreshing take on wallets when you pull out your Cardholder at the cash counter. Is exceptionally easy to use and boasts a good number of functional features to improve on the issues we encountered in traditional wallets. It is a highly recommended option for those hunting for a minimalist, streamlined accessory and who are willing to switch from the old wallets to a smart one.


  • Fans out credit cards in a switchblade style
  • 6061-T6 Space-grade aluminum
  • Blocks RFID – protects against skimming.
  •  Expandable aluminum back-plate
  • Stores 1-14 cards and some cash as well 
  • Add a Tracker to secure your possessions


  • Dimensions: 4.1×2.3×0.29 inches 
  • Design: Patented card mechanism for easy access
  • Weight: Less than 100 grams
  • Detachable: Durable Elastic Strap and Aluminum back-plate and Clip
  • Colors: Available in 10 different colors or finishes.


Ekster’s products are ideal for those who desire smart features, safety, and functionality in a slim package while maintaining an air of class and elegance as each wallet features smart tech like a solar panel that charges with indirect light (probably the most advanced solar tech in existence), the world’s first voice-activated wallet tracking system, meaning you can now check your wallet’s location on your mobile, or with Google Home, Siri or Alexa, and security tech like NFC an RFID-Blocking for safe us. It is also an attractive option for those who care about the planet as every product from the company is manufactured keeping the environment in mind with water-saving DriTan tech and 100% carbon offsetting practices. 

Source: Zander Round

Some features of Ekster’s Tracker Card that help it stand out from the competition:

  • Unlike other trackers available in the market, Ekster’s Tracker Card is completely solar-powered. A tiny inbuilt solar cell embedded on the face of the Card helps it recharge completely in just around 3 hours. And once fully charged, the Card would work for a hefty three months before it demands a sunbath again.
  • The Ekster Tracker Card is voice-activated thanks to synchronization with popular platforms like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.
  • To everyone’s surprise, the Card features a “Selfie-mode” that helps you take a selfie from your mobile using your tracker card. That earns it some extra brownie points.

A few details on the RFID blocking tech used by Ekster:

The RFID-blocking feature is designed to keep you safe from a very specific form of electronic pickpocketing, known as RFID Skimming. All credit and debit cards nowadays come with embedded radio frequency ID chips. Once activated by an RFID signal, the chips send your card’s information wirelessly to verify your credentials and make a purchase without actually swiping your card at the reader. The bad part is that anyone can simply activate your card with an RFID reader remotely. The RFID blocking feature of an Ekster wallet effectively works by blocking the electromagnetic field surrounding your RFID documents, or simply, a credit or debit card. This prevents the activation signal from the RFID activation device from reaching your cards and also prevents cards from transmitting the information stored in them.


  • Ekster products are available in multiple designs, finishes, and colors.
  • You get a wallet tracking feature.
  • The company has a range of matching accessories.
  • Shipping is free on orders over $50.
  • Availability of international shipping
  • A relatively fair 30-day refund policy.
  • A one-year warranty on all its products.
  • Wallet’s tracker has numerous versatile uses that include connectivity to Alexa, Siri, and Google as well as some technology for taking pictures.


  • Relatively weak customer service.
  • Longer delivery times.
  • Little room for bills.
  • No room for coins.
  • Some products are a bit expensive in their respective category.
  • The tracking system isn’t precise. It can only determine that the wallet is within around 200 feet radius. 


If you are a tech lover who wants the majority of the smart wallet features available in the market without compromising on class, comfort, and functionality, then yes, Ekster’s products are really worth it.

One of the best wallets, Ekster Tracker for example is a mere 0.05 inch thicker than the renowned Tile Wallet & Key Finder Slim, yet boasts a groundbreaking solar panel that stores 2-3 months of juice on a three-hour charge. And though one has to pay a bit extra for the tracker feature, the wallets come in hundreds of options to fit the needs of all sorts of consumers. You can simply snag matching bags and tons of accessories when you buy Ekster wallets. 

The only legitimate concern would be the internal trigger mechanism failing, especially if it is made completely out of plastic. However based on the user reviews so far and the looks and overall build quality of the wallets, one won’t see a failure any time soon. On top of that, Ekster also provides a 12-month warranty on every product which speaks volumes about their confidence in the durability of their products. 

Another major difference in Ekster in comparison to its competitors is the company’s dedication to sustainability. While these wallets look and feel and even smell like real leather, it is actually just vegan recycled material. This feels like a pleasing little bonus when one buys into brands like Ekster, especially when they are heading towards turning into a completely climate-neutral company. 

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