DIY Hacks For Home

Don’t let another year go by of missed DIY opportunities to improve your home. Whether you rent or buy, there are a handful of DIY hacks for home that are just plain worth the work because they’ll add a substantial visual boost to your home. Before next year gets here, consider adding some DIY dates in your calendar for 2022 — your home will look and feel better for it by this time next year!

Life gets hectic, things get in the way and you end up not doing any DIY projects for whole months (sometimes years) at a time. A way to combat that and make sure you’re making time for ways to better your home with your own hands is to whip out a calendar (digital or analog) and actually schedule DIY dates with yourself.

Do a little research on how long it might take to do the task (or take an educated guess) and block off the actual time you need in your calendar so you stick to it. If you want to stick to your DIY plan even more, figure out the materials/tools you need for each task and schedule a buy/gather date a week before your DIY date so you have everything you need ready to go.

DIY Hacks For Home #1 – Create a statement light piece

Lighting isn’t just functional; when you find or a make a light fixture that really grabs attention, you create a statement piece. This can really add a wow factor to a room and even set the tone for design. Whether a hanging pendant light, a wall sconce, a table lamp or more, consider DIYing a light fixture next year.

#2 Really clean your carpet, rugs or floors

No matter the square footage of your home, what’s under your feet is usually a large visual plane that commands a lot of attention. Make sure your flooring type is in tip-top shape. Regular cleanings might do a good job of maintaining your flooring, but once or twice a year you should really do a deep cleaning.

DIY Hacks For Home #3 – Attack your grout

What color is your grout in your kitchen or bathroom, really? You just won’t know until you really work at it to see what fresh grout is revealed. Consider a deep cleaning (or even a redo) of any substantial grout in your home to really give a room a face lift.

#4 Refresh your backsplash

Your kitchen is defined by a lot of things, like the cabinets, the floor and what kind of appliances you’re rocking. But don’t neglect the backsplash — it can have a big visual impact on this room. Consider adding color or pattern to this area if you don’t have any. If you’re not a color or pattern person, make sure it’s super clean and neat.

DIY Hacks For Home #5 – Switch out drawer and door knobs and pulls

It’s so simple and yet we go whole years without getting to this task. From your kitchen, to your bathroom to different pieces of furniture around the house, you can replace drawer and door knobs and pulls to really upgrade the look of your home.

#6 Wash your walls and windows

You might think you need a paint job, but you actually might just need a wall washing. Washing your walls every now and then can help cut down on grime and dirt and make it look like you’ve had a fresh paint job, without the money spent or the time taping off. And washing your windows really well is just smart — it’ll let in more light and make your home feel cleaner.

DIY Hacks For Home #7 – Make throw pillows

Throw pillows are so incredibly versatile. They can go on your sofa, on the floor, on your bed and they can add color and pattern to just about any room. But they can really be expensive! Learn to make these small home accessories and you’ll save a lot of money and make your home look better.

#8 Make a big oversize wall decor piece

If you’re over the art gallery wall but don’t have the budget to buy a large piece, finally make the time to create your own oversize wall decor or art. If that’s not your thing or you don’t have room for something big, consider finally framing some art you’ve had sitting around (if you’re anything like me you have some).

DIY Hacks For Home #9 – Work on a piece you’ve been meaning to spruce up

Did you grab a piece of furniture off the side of the road with the best of intentions to fix up? Or buy a vintage piece that needed a little love that you’ve left alone since you brought it home? Or maybe a beloved object or furniture piece in your home was broken or damaged and you’ve been meaning to work on it. If there’s anything you’ve been “meaning” to get to, get to it!

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