Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas

Blend old with new for a sophisticated, coastal space with these Hamptons style kitchen ideas.

When you think Hamptons style, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the light, fresh, airy vibe that comes with living near the beach. Hamptons style has grown in popularity over the last decade, and it’s no wonder why. The relaxed, fresh feel effortlessly caters to our summery lifestyle. If you’re looking to add a bit of a coastal vibe to your home, why not start by taking some inspiration from these Hamptons style kitchen ideas.

And if there’s one part of the house you’re going to want to make Hamptons from top to toe, it’s your kitchen. Hamptons kitchens are breathtakingly beautiful. They blend a touch of old with new for a sophisticated finish. They feel classic yet contemporary, all at once.

Hallmarks of a Hampton’s style kitchen include generous use of whites, neutrals, yellow and green, paired with coastal blues from navy all the way through to baby blue. Hamptons kitchens favor the use of natural materials and make the most of textures like stone and timber. And lighting is a huge part of making a Hamptons kitchen truly come to life – think pendant lights in traditional shapes. And ensure your kitchen has plenty of light sources, with a mix of floor, table, and wall lamps.

With all of these different elements to consider, it can seem a little bit overwhelming to know where to start. How do you strike the right balance of old with new? What textures work best together? Can you make it colorful? And how much blue is too much blue? Let’s dive in!

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #1. Black hardware

Source: A House Full of Sunshine

If you’re going with an all-white kitchen, like this one, then it’s important to create some contrast with your hardware. In this case, the hardware is a combination of black knobs for the upper cabinets, black cup pulls for the drawers, and long black handles for the cupboards. And the black granite sink with matching tapware brings a modern touch to the kitchen while keeping with the black-and-white theme.

#2. Navy blue Hamptons style kitchen

Source: Pinterest

A Hamptons kitchen is no stranger to blue – and lots of it. And this space is the perfect example of this. It creates the perfect balance of white and blue with a slick white benchtop with dark-blue cabinets. And the dark blue is complemented by a blue-and-white tiled splashback behind the white rangehood to tie the design together.

#3. Blue and grey Hamptons style kitchen

Source: Bright Bazaar Blog

Want a whole lot of colour and even more sophistication? Then this is the option for you. Blue and grey are a match made in Hamptons heaven. Take a leaf out of this kitchen’s book and use dark blue kitchen cabinets and shelving in front of a wall full of grey subway tiles with white grout. The touches of a white bench, white window frame, and white decor help balance this space perfectly.

#4. Maximise kitchen storage

Source: Caesar Stone

If you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed, then you’re going to need a lot of storage space! And this contemporary Hamptons kitchen has got it right. The full potential of the high ceilings has been realised with a wall filled with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry throughout. And the huge island benchtop has allowed for ingenious hidden storage such as an integrated fridge, pantry pull-outs and internal accessories for ultimate organisation.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #5. Dark timber flooring

Source: Tlc Interiors

When it comes to flooring, timber is a must in a Hamptons kitchen. And dark timber can help ground your space, especially if it’s large and open-plan. If you’re going with dark timber on the floor, make sure you use lighter colors for your walls and cabinets. In this case, the rest of the kitchen is in shades of white and grey for a simple, classic style.

#6. Small but smart

If you live in a townhouse or apartment, then you’ll need to get creative with your kitchen. Hamptons kitchens are generally large and spacious, so you’ll want to recreate this look in a smaller space.

Use clever design elements, like an island that doubles up as storage and a place to eat. And add sheer draping white curtains from floor to ceiling to make your space appear larger than it is.

#7. Adding texture

Source: Bella Vie Interiors

Add a touch of texture either in your walls or your bench. In this case, beautiful hand-cut subway tiles have been used to create a feature wall that reflects light around the kitchen. A white under-mount sink and brushed nickel mixer tap complement the contemporary feel, and the windows are finished with the effortless style of white plantation shutters.

#8. Herringbone tiles

Similar to chevron, herringbone tiles are a timeless classic but with a little more softness, as they don’t have the same sharp angles. And they’re the perfect choice for an elegant splashback in your Hamptons kitchen, especially when teamed with a glossy marble bench.

If you’re thinking herringbone tiles are the way to go, look at getting a tiler in to help make sure splashback tiling is all installed to a high quality.

#9. Coastal blue Hamptons style kitchen

If you want to create a breathtaking kitchen that instantly transports you to the beach, then you can’t go past this shade of coastal blue. The white foundation of this kitchen makes the blue pop all the more. And the textured marble bench adds a touch of detail to the space.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #10. Make it grand

Source: City Farmhouse

If you’ve got a large kitchen area, then make the most of it with a huge island like this one. This works well because the space is in an open plan kitchen layout. And you can be sure that you’ll never complain of running out of bench space ever again!

#11. Beautiful and bright

Source: City Farmhouse

Natural light is one of the hallmarks of a great Hamptons style kitchen. So keep your kitchen light and bright with white walls and plenty of windows. The simple color scheme of this kitchen keeps this space fresh and airy.

#12. High glamour

Source: Freedom Kitchens

If a modern kitchen is more your style, then take inspiration from this one. The white on white look is very sophisticated and always timeless. It’s the perfect blank canvas that you can easily dress up with a fresh bunch of flowers in a glass vase.

#13. Traditional yet relaxed

This kitchen looks something like luxurious yet totally relaxed, making it the perfect Hamptons space. Imagine white detailed profile doors complement the unique profile edge marble benchtops, polished nickel handles and traditional tapware. Perfect!

#14. Black on white

Who says Hamptons has to be all white? Why not add some serious contrast with all-black feature cabinets. The black cabinets along the back wall integrate nicely with dark timber stools at the front and a black sink with matching tapware.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #15. Soft blue and glossy tiles

Source: Karen Akers

This Hamptons style kitchen looks very fresh and inviting. The light blue and white combination is perfect together. And the glossy subway tiles add the right amount of texture to this space. I love how the purple flowers on the bench add just the right pop of color.

#16. Textured feature wall

Source: Mum Little Loves

Include the classic Hamptons blue into your kitchen by using tiles along your back wall. I love that these tiles aren’t your ordinary subway or triangular tiles, but that they have a whole lot of character to them. They almost look like little bows!

#17. Open shelving

Detailed open shelving and quality accessories create a lux, sophisticated and inviting coastal feel. The only key to pulling this off is to keep your shelves very clean, and ensure every item goes back in its place!

#18. Simple sophistication

Source: Indah Island

If you aren’t sure what colors to use to style your Hamptons space, then you should know that you simply cannot go wrong with all white. This design pulls it off perfectly – there’s the white paint, white cabinets, and white subway tiles with white grout. If you’re going for a one-color kitchen like this, incorporate texture in your cabinets or tiling, to create detail.

#19. Glass cabinets

Adding glass to your kitchen creates instant elegance. And it also allows you to show off all of your beautiful kitchenware inside! I think this works perfectly in this space because it’s so big. But you can include glass cabinets in any size kitchen – in fact, the glass may even make your kitchen appear larger than it really is!

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #20. Industrial meets Hamptons

It’s not often that you come across a stainless steel benchtop in a Hamptons style kitchen. But now that I think of it, it’s a very practical choice! If you’re not afraid to choose something a little bit different (and you want to be able to clean those benches easily), then why not embrace this Hamptons-industrial style?

#21. Bistro stools

Source: Life on Virginia Street

The bistro counter stools and the rattan pendant light add the perfect amount of warmth to the cool blue and white tones in this Hamptons style kitchen. They completely finish the space and add a coastal vibe that’s typical of this design.

#22. Dark stone

Source: Kitchen Stone

While light bench finishes might be more typical of Hamptons style kitchens, this design proves that you can go dark. I think this works especially well with white-painted cabinets. And I love how the colors in the tiled splashback match the dark stone benchtops.

#23. Cream and beige

This modern Hamptons style kitchen avoids cliched nautical motifs, such as anchors and sailing boats, and keeps things simple and sophisticated. It uses a predominantly white color palette layered with neutrals of greys, creams and beiges for a relaxed look.

#24. Earthy coastal

Source: City Farmhouse

When designing a white kitchen, add colors and surfaces that are warm so your space doesn’t feel too cold. Take this kitchen, for example. The counters in this kitchen have a warmth about them with touches of grey, beige and tan.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #25. Greeney-blue

Source: Kyal and Kara

Make a statement with a decent splash of green-blue paint. I love this color combination – it instantly transports me to the seaside! And the timber touches add the warmth that this design needs.

#26. Frame it up

Source: Source: Ciuffo Cabinetary

One key to making your kitchen look extra finished is to create symmetry. This kitchen does this perfectly by adding four glass shelves in between two beautiful white cabinets and lining up the pendant lights right in the middle. It’s these little touches that can make all the difference!

#27. White lines

Create detail in your Hamptons style kitchen by using timber panelling. This is a look that never goes out of fashion, and it’s one way to incorporate a lot of white in your space without it looking boring! Add brass touches for a beautiful finish!

#28. Gold handles

Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to your kitchen design. The gold handles on these white cabinets completely transform this space, bringing a whole lot of ‘new’ to the traditional style commonly found in Hamptons kitchens.

#29. Timber touches

Source: Becki Owens

A simple way to add warmth to an all-white space is to include timber touches. This Hamptons style kitchen does this so well. First, gorgeous timber flooring sets the foundation for the room. Second, timber shelving and timber around the rangehood add detail to the cabinet area. And to finish it off, timber-topped stools add warmth around the edges of the kitchen. The finished look is that of a coastal-inspired house.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #30. Luxe furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your kitchen, soft luxe seating is a key feature of Hamptons style. While it generally features in the living room, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate it in the kitchen too! And the upholstered velvet stools in this kitchen add a touch of old refined craftsmanship to the fresh, white newness of the rest of the kitchen.

#31. Dark brick splashback

Source: Simon Whitbread

Make a statement with a brick feature splashback! This design element adds an industrial modern edge to this otherwise very traditional, refined space. If you’re going to create an eye-catching focal point like this, just be sure to tie it in with the rest of the room. This design does this well by using dark handles on the cabinets, a dark window frame, a dark clock, and industrial-style hanging lights over the island.

#32. Timber-topped small island

Source: Lemon Stripes

If you find you have plenty of space in the middle of your kitchen, don’t leave it bare! Maximise your storage and bench space with a small island, like this one. I love how it’s topped with light timber, which adds warmth to this white kitchen. And the timber top can be extended to create more bench space – how’s that for smart?

#33. Strong, solid lines

Source: House of Kitchens

The use of shape is essential in a Hamptons-style kitchen, and framing is just one way to get started. Create a more defined look in your Hamptons style kitchen by using cabinets that have strong, solid lines and frames around their edges. Add a feature piece with a bold marble bench in the middle of your kitchen. The marble top will blend perfectly with a white-and-rustic-themed design, like this one, for a gorgeous feature in any Hamptons kitchen.

#34. Kitchen lighting

Source: Design by Danni

Hamptons kitchens should make the most of lighting to create a bright, warm space that’s perfect for entertaining. Take cues from this kitchen – it has hanging metal lights over the bench on the left, wall lights above the stove area, and small lights in the ceiling.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas #35. Smart cabinets

Source: Premier Kitchens

If you’re wanting to create a modern Hamptons style kitchen, then you need to get creative with your storage solutions. In this kitchen, the microwave and other appliances are cleverly concealed behind a sliding white door. This is one simple way to reduce the feeling of clutter that so often comes with a kitchen, and to create a streamlined, clean space that feels relaxing to step into.


I hope those have got your creative kitchen ideas flowing. And I hope you’ve realised that there’s so much more to a Hamptons kitchen than simply white and blue. There are an array of options, and you can combine colours, shapes and textures in so many ways to create a space that’s both traditional and modern.

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you! Which Hamptons style is your favorite? Comment and tell me.

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