If you’re in the market for a new screwdriver set, consider a Craftsman screwdriver set. Not only are these tools designed to perform well in a variety of applications, but they’re also durable and feature slotted blade tips that keep a firm grip on screws. Craftsman screwdrivers are made with alloy steel for strength and durability, and also their lifetime warranty covers any tool that breaks for any reason. Let’s look into how to buy a Craftsman Screwdriver set?

Craftsman screwdrivers 

The Craftsman screwdriver set is an essential tool in any homeowner’s toolbox. It features a variety of tip types, including Phillip blades, slotted, and serrated, to tackle a wide range of tasks. 

Each screwdriver is made of high-quality alloy steel, and also features an advanced plating process to make them easy to grip. Craftsman is an American brand that has been around since the 1920s. Their screwdrivers are known for quality, and they have sold over 400 million pieces!

The Craftsman screwdriver set is a good choice if you regularly work on projects at home.

It features an extensive range of screwdriver sizes, as well as extension bars, hex wrenches, and sockets. 

It also features a magnetic handle for easy installation. These tools come in convenient carrying cases that are perfect for storing as well as transporting. You’ll never have to worry about missing a screw, again!

The V in craftsman screwdriver sets denotes the blade style. There are two basic types, the keystone screwdriver and the cabinet screwdriver. Both types of screwdrivers are used to fasten screws. 

Keystone screwdrivers have a wider shaft tip, which makes them more commonly used in woodworking. Cabinet screwdrivers, on the other hand, are narrower.

Are craftsman screwdrivers magnetic?

When choosing a screwdriver, it’s important to choose one with a magnetic tip. A magnetic screwdriver’s tip creates a strong bond with the screw, settling itself into the slot on the screw. It’s easy to control the strength of the magnetic pull and avoid dropping the fastener, making it a better choice for long projects. 

Magnetic screwdrivers are lightweight, weighing anywhere from one to eight ounces, and come in a variety of sizes.

If you’re looking for a screwdriver with a magnetic tip, consider one with a CR-V steel shaft. This type of screwdriver has a high-grade tip and is more durable than most carbon steel. You’ll appreciate the black oxide tip and ergonomic handle on this tool.

These screwdrivers also come with a magnetizer and a de-magnetizer, making them the ideal choice for any DIY project.

Craftsman screwdriver warranty

If you’ve purchased a Craftsman screwdriver set, you might be wondering if the manufacturer offers a warranty on your product. The warranty period is different for each model, so you should check to make sure your product is covered. 

To get the warranty for a Craftsman screwdriver set, you must show proof of purchase. Craftsman’s warranty policy may be different depending on where you purchased the product.

The warranty on Craftsman screwdrivers and other hand tools is the same as that of most other brands. The Craftsman brand is well-known for offering warranties of up to lifetime on hand tools. 

While the warranty on these hand tools is very generous, the same does not apply to blades. This can lead to problems with sharp blades, but the Craftsman screwdriver set warranty covers the hand tools.

Where to buy craftsman screwdriver set?

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable screwdriver set, Craftsman makes a great option. This set includes 25 pieces with high-quality blades made of alloy steel. The screwdrivers are coated in satin-nickel for a long-lasting finish, and they have comfortable handles. The set comes with a lifetime warranty. To get started, read through the product reviews.

Many screwdriver sets contain a variety of different types. You can find an affordable set on Amazon for under $40, and it will give you a wide range of options. 

Buying one set rather than several individually can help you complete your project faster and more efficiently. Some screwdrivers feature magnetic tips, making them incredibly useful. If you have multiple screwdrivers, you can add those to your set.

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