Listerine and other mouthwashes are obviously created to freshen your breath and kill germs in your mouth. However, because of the alcohol and essential oil content within, there are several other ways it can be used. Here are some unique Listerine mouthwash alternative uses.

Listerine Mouthwash Alternative Uses:

If you have a toothache, try dabbing some Listerine on the painful area. It should help numb it.

Run out of deodorant? Dip a cotton ball into some Listerine and dab it on your under arms.

Mouthwash also makes a good aftershave lotion in a pinch (see the other natural and homemade beauty treatments our readers shared)

New body piercing? Dab some Listerine around the pierced area to prevent infection.

Get rid of dandruff by massaging mouthwash into your scalp. Then it rinse out with your normal shampoo.

Listerine can help prevent the spread of lice in your hair. Soak your hair in Listerine and cover it with a shower cap for 2 hrs. Then, wash and rinse your hair like normal.

Get rid of ticks! Fold up a paper towel and soak it in Listerine. Place it on top of the tick and leave it there for a few seconds. The tick should let go.

Use mouthwash to treat itchy skin from: allergies, poison ivy, bug bites, psoriasis, and acne.

Apply it to bee and wasp stings to relieve the pain quickly.

Dab some Listerine onto blisters to keep them from getting infected.

Because of the bacteria-killing properties, Listerine can be used to clean cuts and scrapes.

Get rid of toe and nail fungus by soaking your feet in mouthwash mixed with water.

Bruise easily? Dab some Listerine onto a cotton ball and apply it to the bruised area. It should help with blood flow and make the bruise heal faster.

Pour 1/2 a cup of Listerine down your garbage disposal to get rid of odors.

Kitchen trash odor? Soak a paper towel in Listerine and put it at the bottom of your trash can to help eliminate kitchen odors.

Add a cup of Listerine to a load of laundry to kill germs as well as clean your washing machine (use with your regular detergent).

Clean the screens of your television and computer with Listerine and a soft cloth.

Listerine is a good sanitizer for your bathroom. You can wipe down mirrors, sinks, cabinet fixtures, floors, and pretty much anything else with a mixture of Listerine and water. It can also help with mold and mildew. Here are more natural ways to clean your home.

Soak your toothbrush in Listerine to get rid of germs.

Pour 1/2 a cup of Listerine down your toilet and swirl it around with a toilet brush. Let it sit for 1/2 an hour and then flush it. It will get rid of germs and odor.

Get rid of mildew and fungus from the soil of your plants by mixing 1 parts Listerine with 3 parts water into a spray bottle. Spray the area where the plant meets the soil once a week.

Clean your humidifier with water and mouth wash to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Note: These may not work for everyone all the time. Let us know which Listerine mouthwash alternative uses work for you!

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