most common plumbing issues

One of the main features of any home is the plumbing system, which is responsible for providing access to water and connecting to the septic tank to remove waste. Over time, these parts can begin to wear down and deteriorate due to excess use and age. It’s important to understand some of the most common plumbing issues that can occur on your residential property and how to spot them.

1. A Faulty Water Heater

Over time, sediment can accumulate in water heater tanks, which can prevent warm water being provided throughout the house. You may notice that your shower becomes cold quickly or the pilot light goes out. You’ll need to hire a professional to inspect the issue and diagnose the problem to ensure a proper fix.

In some cases, the pilot light may just need to be relit to get it working again. If sediment is present, the tank will need to be flushed out with the help of an expert.

2. Clogged Plumbing Drains

Everyone has to deal with clogged drains at one point or another. Issues can be caused by everything from too much paper flushed down the toilet to coffee grounds washed down the kitchen sink. If you notice the drain is clogged, you’ll need to call a qualified plumber to avoid damaging the parts.

If you have children at home, keep a close eye on items they may try to flush down the toilet like toys or paper. So-called flushable wipes should always be tossed in the trash since the material can’t break down in the water.

3. Slow-Clearing Shower Drains

The shower drain can also get clogged, especially during the summer when you wash off dirt and sand after a day at a Florida beach. Over time, the drain can begin to get clogged with gunk, which can cause water to back up into the tub or shower. Consider installing a drain cover to prevent dirt and hair from washing down and clean it every few days.

4. Clogged Disposals

The garbage disposal can get clogged in the kitchen when certain items are washed down. This is one of the most common plumbing issues everywhere. Summer is a common time of year when disposals get clogged after you barbecue or cut up plenty of fresh fruit. Many people make the mistake of putting cooking grease in the disposal, where it can solidify and prevent the drain from working correctly.

It’s important to be aware of what types of foods you’re trying to use the disposal for. Consider throwing more waste in the garbage to err on the side of caution.

Another cautious move that’s wise is contracting for preventive maintenance. You can hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection and identify any potential repairs that may be needed.

5. Leaky Plumbing

Leaky pipes can lead to extensive water damage in the home and can cause mildew to form on the ceilings and in the walls. Leaks commonly occur on the pipe joints and can lead to dampness, which also invites different types of bugs and critters.

It’s important to understand your plumbing system and the problems that can occur during the warmer months of the year. If an issue emerges, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.

They’ll inspect your plumbing system and advise you on what to do to protect the interior of your home. That’s all for the most common plumbing issues. We want you to welcome summer with peace of mind.

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