stunning kitchen cabinet ideas

Here are 7 stunning kitchen cabinet ideas to refresh the look of your kitchen.

Would you like to have new kitchen cabinets? Are you concerned about the cost? Professional cabinet refacing ranges from $1,000 to $9,000. If you wish to replace the cabinets, the cost can range from $4,000 to $20,000. What if you could get the same look for a fraction of the cost? There are lots of kitchen cabinet ideas that you can create yourself. Are you ready to start planning?

7 Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

What does your dream kitchen look like? What colors do you want? Should there be wood, metal, or both? The sky’s the limit when you design and create your own space. Little touches can have big impacts especially if it’s a custom kitchen cabinet.

Consider this list of 7 kitchen ideas to get the wheels turning.

#1. The Classic White Kitchen

The Classic White kitchen provides a clean, airy feeling. It needs design details, though, to give it more dimension and allow your eyes to be drawn around the room.

All white kitchen cabinets are the hallmark of this style. Accenting with tall crown molding on the cabinet tops adds height to the room. Varying the top line of the cabinets also creates a more visually interesting look.

You may consider taking your time and looking for the cabinets that best suit your style and size of kitchen. Look online for vendors that sell this product.

Put glass panels in the front of the kitchen selected cabinet doors. Add 3 to 4 wide, white “X”s on the front of the glass. This adds an interesting design element so that you first look at the “X” before what sits in the cabinet.

Consider plumbing fixtures to add emphasis. You may choose polished nickel, or bronze, or copper. While faucets may be expensive, you can always spray paint your existing fixtures to give them new life.

Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #2. The Transitional Kitchen

This kitchen features dark wood lower cabinets. Countertops and backsplashes are white marble or other white-veined stone.

The upper white shaker cabinets and the matching white painted walls create a nice balance of light and dark.

All light fixtures, faucets, and door and drawer pulls are brass or copper which adds a gleam.
Shelves for storage of dishes, glasses, or bottles breaks up the solid cabinet look.

#3. The Color Accent Kitchen

Do you love color?

You may wish to paint most of your kitchens with a neutral gray and choose certain sections for the splash of color. If the area is small, predominately dark colors can shrink the space.
Use small white tile on backsplashes to add light.

If you don’t want glass fronts, consider mesh. Metal inserts provide an open feel with less visibility. You can find metal mesh inserts in a wide variety of colors and designs.

If your kitchen does not have windows, add bright white lights under cabinets and on top of cabinets. Small wall lamps between cabinets sections and/or lighting inside the cabinets adds interesting points of light.

You may also consider hanging lamps with shades to match your color theme.

Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #4. The Barn-Door Kitchen

Do you love barn-door style doors for your house? Have you thought about taking them into the kitchen as cabinet doors? They are great space-saving solutions in small kitchens.
Use frosted style glass in the barn-doors hung from black iron rods. Make the upper cabinets a showpiece by hanging shelves on the wall instead of putting in cabinets.

Build and open box frame to hang in the space on the wall. Have the shelves shorter than the full width of the area and put them in alternating one side to the other.

Lights placed inside these cabinets create a wonderful effect with the frosted glass.

#5. The “5 Foot 2, Eyes of Blue” Kitchen

Let’s speak the truth. Some of us, frankly, are height challenged. We do not wish to even think about or discuss kitchen cabinets that are above the countertop.

Create a kitchen with lower cabinets. They may stained wood, whitewashed, painted, or whatever your imagination desires.

You can paint the upper walls, or tile them, or use stone. The walls could be overlapping wood boards for a cabin effect. They can be stucco to create a southwestern feel.

Place shelves on the wall to put decorative pieces. The shelves with large hooks hanging from the bottom could be used to hang pots or large cooking utensils.

Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #6. The Ultra-Modern Kitchen

If you want to go beyond where man or woman has gone before, consider an ultra-modern kitchen.

This is the kind of an all-black kitchen with nickel or stainless steel appliances. A white patterned stone backsplash with bright under shelf lights shining on it. With no upper cabinets. Black open shelves serve to store dishes, glasses, wine, liquor or bowls. The countertops are high polished speckled black granite or quartz. The white gloss ceiling with bright lighting along the perimeter of the ceiling lights up the room.

#7. The Warm Gray Kitchen

Gray has become very popular in recent décor. This warm medium gray color creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Imagine warm gray cabinets with a high-grained wood countertop. A white tile backsplash adds a nice separation to the colors.

To add interest, put different color ball knobs on the doors.

You might even buy a full set of white ball knobs and paint them in different bright colors and designs. Accent shelves painted a bright color, such as lime green, may offer the finishing touch.

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