Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink

How do you unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water? Clogged sinks and drains are the type of problem that can cause major inconvenience. Therefore, knowing how to unclog them is very useful in an emergency. The problem is that doing it the wrong way can end up damaging your pipe and creating even more headaches with leaks and leaks.

To help you in such a situation, today we have separated some tips and instructions for unblocking sinks and drains in the right way and efficiently.

Clogged kitchen sink:

The kitchen sink is one of the most clogged ones, after all, every day we wash greasy dishes and pots and, often, with some food scraps that accumulate in the drain. Ever though, Kitchen sink clogged tried everything. But don’t worry, there are simple ways to end the problem:


Cola soft drinks can usually help to unclog kitchen sinks. If it is a mild clog, the kind in which the water still comes down with difficulty, a 2 liter bottle will solve the problem! Just pour it slowly into the sink and wait for the soda to act and help the water go down. If it is a clog of those where nothing goes down, better avoid this trick, as you may need at least 4 liters of cola soda.

Detergent and washing powder:

Another way to unclog the kitchen sink clogged both sides is with hot water and detergent or washing powder. Boil 4 or 5 liters of water, pour a generous amount of detergent or washing powder and slowly pour into the drain. If it is just fat, it will be enough to completely unclog your sink . To avoid damage to the pipeline, it is worth alternating hot and cold water when the water starts to descend.

Service area sink:

The sink in the tank is usually clogged with dust, clothing fibers or animal hair. Since it is not fat, chemicals used to unclog the kitchen sink backing up on both sides will not work for this case, right?

Braided wire:

Take 3 malleable wires and braid them. Turn the ends into a hook with each one. Insert the braided wire into the pipe and rotate it so that it clears whatever is in the way. Try not to force the dirt down, but to remove it by pulling up.

Rubber plunger:

The good old rubber plunger can solve your problem! Leave the tank with a little water and apply pressure with the plunger up and down to remove the dirt.

Cleaning the siphon:

An efficient way, in the case of tank sinks, is to clean by removing the siphon. Don’t forget to put a bucket underneath to collect the water that is standing in the pipe and wash it well, removing all the dirt. When replacing it, use a thread sealant to ensure it will not leak.

Bathroom sink and drains:

The drains and sink in the bathroom are usually clogged with hair and hair, so they also will not have good results with the same chemicals used in the kitchen sink is backed up.

Unclogging the bathroom sink:

The solution for the bathroom sink is the same as that indicated on the sink of the tank. As it is usually hair that gets stuck, it will not be difficult to remove it with the wire. If you are not able to completely unblock, the solution is to remove the siphon in the same way as was indicated in the case of the tank sink.

How to unclog a double kitchen sink full of water?

Wait for all the water to drain: it is easier to unblock the drain if the plumbing is empty. Remove the drain cover and clean it. Then, using the same braided wire method, remove all hair that is in the plumbing.

If the hair is too tightly attached to the pipe or is hardened and it is difficult to pull with the wire, do the following:

1. Allow all the water from the drain to drain;
2. Pour about 300 grams of sodium bicarbonate down the drain;
3. Throw about ½ cup of white vinegar over the bicabornate;
4. Completely plug the drain and let it act for 30 minutes.
5. Then boil a liter of water and pour it down the drain.

After this procedure, you will be able to remove everything that was stuck to the pipe!

Best Way to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink:

But better than knowing how to unclog sinks and drains is not to clog them, is it? To do so:

  • Avoid combing your hair during the bath or in the bathroom sink;
  • Remove all grease from utensils with a paper napkin before washing them in the kitchen sink past trap;
  • Never pour oil directly into the sink;

If you have pets try to remove all hair from the clothes before washing them in the tank.
In addition, always try to check if the water flow is perfect, because if you notice any difficulty even at the beginning it will be easier to solve the problem. Finally, if you need to, be sure to count on the help of a specialized service to unclog sinks and drains!

How to unclog a double kitchen sink with garbage disposal?

If your garbage disposal is spinning and the spinning and the water is not going down, it could be plugged in with food and you need to empty it. If you have already checked and there is nothing stuck down in you can try this simple solution to get the water moving again.

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